How to Disinfect your Office

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How to disinfect your office or work space surfaces with natural ingredients

Amidst all the chaos and uncertainties of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, one of the most important places to disinfect are the work spaces where you spend a lot of time such as your home office, your out-of-home office and/or any work space surfaces.

While there are plenty of gentle and effective products for cleaning our hands, most surface cleaners are heavy alcohol based products that most of the time kill only bacteria. This is why we developed our Argent Defense Spray as people are wondering how to disinfect their very own desk and other surfaces upon either returning to an out-of-home office or in their home office area.

Make Sure You Are Prepared

Before you return to your office or desk space, think of all the cleaning supplies you’ll want to use for sanitizing the space. It is important you bring disinfectants to keep at your desk and clean all your office surfaces clean for your daily use. This furthers your chances of killing any germs that may touch your space.

Our Argent Defense Spray kills almost all viruses in 30 minutes and kills almost all bacteria in 10 minutes. Argent Defense Spray has proven long term antiviral and antibacterial activity. What does that mean? Long term antiviral and antibacterial activity, unlike disinfection with alcohol based products continues to work longer, therefore killing germs for a longer period of time. Argent Defense Spray does not contain any alcohol or harsh disinfectants – and it works thanks to the magic of natural micronized silver particles. Microsilver BG is the miracle worker when it comes to efficient and long term antiviral and antimicrobial activity (disinfection). Microsilver BG is approved by all major green / sustainable certifications: COSMOS / Ecocert and Natrue plus it’s a Vegan approved ingredient.

This means you can refresh and sanitize (disinfect) everything around you – from your desk, computer, cellphone to your clothes and any other surfaces without worrying about surface damage or using harsh chemicals.

Tests have shown that:
– Argent Defense Spray kills almost all viruses in 30 minutes
– Argent Defense Spray kills almost all bacteria in 10 minutes
– Argent Defense Spray has proven to have a long term antiviral and antibacterial activity
– Argent Defense Spray provides disinfection that is not harsh and lasts a long time without the use of alcohol

So clean your space effectively with Argent Defense Spray and enjoy a germ free office surfaces. The workspaces of the world will have to wait a long time before they are anything like we remember them. However, one thing that hasn’t changed is the need for a positive and safe work environment. Your desk may have a new cleaning routine, but knowing that your space at work is clean and not a haven for germs will make you feel better and more effective while working.