Winnow Skin Detox Oil

As we age and enter menopause, our skin goes through all sorts of changes and has been exposed to many years of damage from multiple atmospheric elements.

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Experience the powerful benefits of Winnow Skin Detox Oil. Our unique blend of actives is specifically designed to deeply nourish and restore your skin during menopause.

Our formula features a potent combination of niacin and active compounds that penetrate deep into your skin to detoxify, repair and protect the skin.

Not only does it provide superior hydration, but independent testing has proven that our oil provides a 104% skin recovery from UVA/B radiation and a 61% skin cell recovery from atmospheric pollution.

With regular use, you can experience radiant, softer and more even skin.

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Dry Oil, All Skin types, Daily Use, Independently and Dermatologically Tested


Glacial Cooling Spray

Cool down with Glacial Cooling Mist. Designed to give you an icy blast of cooling sensation that lasts during perimenopause and menopause.

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Lightweight cooling mist that provides immediate relief from sudden hot feeling or as an instant refresh on warm temperature days.

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Formulated with Fermented Mushroom Extract with strong cooling and soothing performance, and Hyperfermented Aloe Vera Juice that improves skin moisturization. Its ultra-lightweight formula is quickly absorbed into your skin, leaving you feeling instantly refreshed and hydrated.

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30 ml, 100 ml