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About Fraktal Beauty

At Fraktal Beauty, we’re devoted to creating scientifically proven, effective, and natural products that provide comfort and relief from the symptoms of menopause. Our skincare and bodycare products are made with natural ingredients that nourish and protect your skin, helping you feel good in your own body. We believe that everyone deserves to feel confident, empowered, and excited about their future during menopause. With our scientifically proven solutions, we make it possible for you to take control of your life and thrive despite the changes in your body.

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Why do we call ourselves Fraktal Beauty? 

Well, fractals are scientifically proven, naturally-occurring mathematical shapes all around us. With their infinite complexity, they produce incredibly beautiful and intricate designs. Fractals can be found everywhere in nature – from the intricate veining of a leaf to the grandiose curves of a mountain range. With their powerful, natural beauty, fractals have been used to model everything from weather patterns to stock market trends. They represent nature in its truest form.

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Menopause is a natural biological process that marks the end of a woman’s reproductive years. 

It is a time of powerful transformation and a unique opportunity for women to embrace their inner strength and beauty. While some may fear the changes associated with menopause, it is important to recognize that these changes are a source of power and can be celebrated and embraced. Through the power of transformation, menopause can be a time of creative exploration and self-growth, enabling women to discover a new sense of confidence and beauty. Menopause can be seen as an opportunity to reflect on the past and to focus on the present, to create a positive outlook for the future.

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Fraktal Beauty products aim to solve perimenopause, menopause and postmenopause skin and body con­ditions such dryness, dehydration, sensitivity, itchiness, irritation and breakouts in addition to helping with skin issues of modern lifestyles that bring additional UV and Blue Light damage, pollution, stress and much more. Our products are addressing the needs that are natural in any woman’s life, without submitting to ideas of per­fection or stopping life’s natural occurrences. Our formulas have been independently tested for proven claims of efficacy

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As we (us) approach menopause, it’s important to stay true to ourselves and follow our inner flame.

This is a time of great power and excitement, let’s embrace it.