UNTAINTED anti-pollution serum

Untainted Anti Pollution Serum


Active ingredients

This are the most efficient ingredients of our anti pollution serum

Combination of natural biopolymer network (Alginate, Hyaluronic Acid and Pullulan) and strong moisturizing complex (Glycerin, L-Serine, Trehalose and Urea) – innovative “water pillow“ technology for intense skin hydration.

Why did we choose Biopolymer network + moisturizing complex?

  • Powerful anti-thirst complex offering extended skin hydration
  • Invisible network that protects skin from environmental pollutants

Helps restore the quality of the skin barrier.

Untainted anti pollution serum

How does UNTAINTED anti pollution serum work?

Intelligent serum that shields skin from air pollution by preventing the penetration of pollutants into your skin, while providing intense hydration. Ideal moisturizing primer for daily use.

Independent in vitro / in vivo tests:

  • 71% less pollutants penetrate into the skin
  • 90% of pollutants are prevented from adhering to the skin and causing skin damage
  • 98% removability of pollutants from the skin