Mend De-stress Massage Butter

Soothing and non-greasy body butter with a combination of oils and active ingredients that help skin retain moisture and muscles to relax from an active day and everyday body tensions while leaving your skin deeply nourished and silky smooth.

Ideal for a relaxing massage before bed, to promote restful sleep in perimenopause and menopause.

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Glacial Cooling Gel Cream

Face and neckline cream.

Cool off and hydrate with Glacial Co  oling Gel Cream

Instant cooling sensation that lasts.

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For the perfect balance of cooling hydration. Fast absorbing, lightweight formula helps cool your skin longer plus hydrate and soothe during perimenopause and menopause or on warm temperature days.

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Formulated with Fermented Mushroom Extract with lasting cooling and soothing performance, and Hyperfermented Aloe Vera Juice that improves intensive skin moisturization.

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200 g, 50 ml