Repair and refresh your skin.

This unique blend combines detox oil with active compounds derived from natural Menthol and Niacin (vitamin B3), enhancing the delivery of Niacin into the skin and cooling spray, crafted to deliver an icy blast of cooling that lasts and immediate relief from sudden heat.

Our formula features a potent combination of niacin and active compounds that penetrate deep into your skin to detoxify, repair and protect the skin.

Independent testing has proven that our WINNOW Skin detox oil provides:

104% skin recovery from UVA/B radiation.

61% skin cell recovery after exposure to urban pollutants.

39% less damage to skin cells caused by air pollutants.

GLACIAL Cooling spray is formulated with fermented mushroom extract with strong cooling and soothing performance and hyperfermented Aloe Vera juice that improves skin moisturization.

GLACIAL Cooling spray provides:

Instant hydration increased by on average 45%.

Instant reduction of skin temperature by on average 2.3°C within 3 minutes of use.


30 ml, 100 ml